Advertising Rates

Black/White Ads

$3.75 a column inch


Full Color

Front Page

$4.35 a column inch

Middle Pages

$4.05 a column inch

Back Page

$4.20 a column inch


Classified Rate

$3.50 for the first 20 words

Each word over 20 words is 5¢

Over 40 words, special rate is used



6¢ each  (inserts to be printed and brought to our building)


Payment methods

Cash, check, or money order

No debit or credit cards accepted


Out of area advertisers, new customers, garage sales, and work wanted ads are required to be paid before running.
It is at our discretion whether credit will be extended.


We bill monthly after the last Tuesday of the month.  A 60¢ billing charge is assessed on classifieds if the ad is not paid for when placed; it is also applied if an account is not paid in full after a billing cycle.


Contact us by calling 660-425-3433 or 425-7536, faxing 660-425-6984, or emailing